FrameForge Educational Site License Rates for a single location

NOTE: All Prices Subject to change until officially invoiced


Rates for a networked lab on-site at the school (prices subject to change until invoiced)

FrameForge EDU Site License
Annual License Fee
One-time Purchase Price
Upgrade from Version 3x
One-Time Purchase Price

(Otherwise it's the same as the annual license fee in column 1)

FrameForge PRO Premium
includes all Expansion Packs except Stereo3D
--to be calculated--
--to be calculated--
--to be calculated--
FrameForge S3D (VR Coming Soon!) Premium
includes all Expansion Packs plus Stereo3D
--to be calculated--
--to be calculated--
--to be calculated--

Explanation of Options

The Annual License Fee Option gives you a license to use the FrameForge program for one calendar year from its installation, and you will always be eligible to get the very latest version of the software as long as your subscription is active. At the end of the license year, you will need to pay a new annual fee in order to continue using the program.

The One-Time Purchase Price Option gives you a non-expiring copy of the FrameForge program, including FREE upgrades for a period of a year. After that year, you can still use that edition of the software, but if we release a new upgrade which you want, you will have to pay a discounted upgrade fee.

Special COVID19 Discounted Rates for 3 month copies for Remote Teaching

Cost if bought by school: --to be calculated--  

Cost if bought by student: --to be calculated--  

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